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This section will focus on the advantage of signing a copper-aluminum blanket with Encore Wire. We will also highlight expert analysis on copper pricing trends. This page will be frequently updated as relevant articles are published.


Click on "Copper Futures" picture below to view current copper pricing.



Why Roll the Dice, Lock in Pricing for up to 12 Months!

Advantages of Copper Blanket?

  • Eliminate Risk of Lost Revenue - Why roll the dice, lock in pricing when product mark-up margins are favorable.

  • No Need to Wait Until Last Minute to Order Wire - Allows for better planning and execution which will lead to greater profitability.

Why Copper-Aluminum Blanket with Encore?

  • Industry Leading Fill Rate - We ship complete on time, without back orders, better than anyone in the industry!

  • Delivery Without Damage - Encore uses dedicated trucks that drive direct from the factory to eliminate carrier damage.

  • Color Feeder Cable - Encore offers color feeder cable in copper and aluminum without additional cost or delays.

  • Industry Best Labor Savings Products - PullPro, Reel Payoff, Reel Deal, Cyclone Barrels, SmartColorID, MC-LED and much more!

  • SuperSlick Elite® - Reduces the amount of friction created during a wire pull. SuperSlick Elite® features a slick, but never a slippery or greasy outer jacket for easy pulling without additional lubricant.

  • Customized Labeling - Since we have time to plan, we offer customized labeling on every item. Foreman name, location, special instructions and much more.

  • Pallet Report - Since Encore loads each pallet with labels clearly visible on each item, when we send pallet detail report, receiving product in on an active job site has never been easier. No need to break down pallets until product is needed, less chance of product walking off job site.

Copper-Aluminum Blanket Common Questions?

  • Are Copper Blankets More Expensive - Most of the time it is minimal, even though Encore locks in the copper price with the copper mines there are still other material and transportation cost that are at risk to increase.

  • What if Bill of Material Changes - Even though a copper-aluminum blanket is based on a specific bill of material we have flexibility as long as items that changed are like products. Many customers take advantage of color feeders and Encore labor savings products when they have more time to plan.

  • What is Minimum Pounds for Blanket - We have some flexibility, just let us know once you have a few sizable jobs awarded and we will do our best to make it work. We do require each release to be at least 5,000 pounds and can include copper, aluminum and MC.

  • Can we Ship to Multiple Locations - Yes you can combine multiple projects under one blanket and we will ship freight allowed on all releases 5,000 pounds or greater anywhere within the continental United States.

How do I Sign a Copper-Aluminum Blanket with Encore Wire?

  • Just click on "Email Us" below to set up an office visit to review all the details.

  • Once you have been awarded job(s) over 40,000 pounds share the bill of material(s) with Encore Agent to help identify the best time to lock in pricing for optimal profitability.

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