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Key differentiators that make Encore Wire the industries best wire manufacture.

Encore Wire Historic Timeline


Encore Wire historic growth timeline is in a class of its own. From a one building operation only making NM-B cable in 1989 to a billion dollar company traded on the NASDAQ: Wire.

Encore Wire Campus


Virtual tour of Encore Wire 450 acre campus.

Encore Wire NASDAQ


Encore Wire Corporation (Nasdaq: WIRE) recently celebreated their 25-year listing anniversary in a big way.

On July 6, Encore Chairman, President and CEO, Daniel Jones, rang the opening bell at the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square.  Click on picture below to view video.

Copper Man Of The Year


McKinney, TX., June 23, 2016 – Encore Wire’s Chairman, President & CEO, Daniel Jones was honored with The Ankh Award, also known as the Copper Man of the Year Award, on Wednesday, June 15 in New York City at The Copper Club’s Annual Dinner.

Attendees at this special event include industry leaders from around the world. The prestigious Ankh Award has been presented every year since 1962 to professionals who have made extraordinary contributions to the copper industry. By honoring those who have forged pathways in the industry, The Copper Club, formed in 1944, ensures the past, present and future of copper.

Encore Scrap Purchase


Since 1989, Encore Wire Corporation has always put our customers first. We continue to look at our resources, our products and our capabilities to determine how we can bring more value to you.

Our Scrap Purchase Program allows us to minimize  our impact on the environment for the betterment of  our customers, their families and the communities in which they live.

This program not only accepts bare copper, but PVC-insulated copper too. Our post-consumer thermoplastic-insulated conductors contain  enough recycled materials to qualify contractors  for LEED® incentives.

Encore is proud to focus on green initiatives such  as RoHS, LEED and product recycling.

Parallel Layering


Encore Wire is now offering Parallel Layering, which combines multiple pulls on a single reel. Each pull is individually labeled, separated by shrink wrap and attached to Wire Grabbers. As always custom labeling is available at no additional cost. 

Parallel Layering is the latest labor savings solution offered by Encore Wire.

Improve Profitability

  • Reduces Labor Cost

  • Reduces Pulling Time

  • More Efficient

  • Reduces Scrap & Clean Up Time

  • Reduces Storage Space

Encore Wire MC Cyclone


Grab & Go Cable Pulling Made Simple

No Tools Required, No Tangle At Any Time, Effortless Pulling, Portable & Easy To Set UP, Proprietary Packaging Technique

60% Total Time Saved!

  • Save 55% on Pull Time

  • Save 45% on Clean-Up Time

  • Save 71% on Setup Time

Encore Wire Lagging


Encore Wire offers wire lagging, best way to protect cable during transport.

Wire Core Sales

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